Buildings across the globe consume 60-70% of the total energy generated and are a major contributor to greenhouse gases. The maximum share of this energy usage is in conditioning (heating or cooling) the building interiors. Why waste energy when there are ways to save it? The benefits of a good building envelope include reduced stress, wear and tear on mechanical systems. This results in a turn to reduce energy bills.

Building envelopes function as an environmental filter. At Energativ, we use advanced technologies in our systems for energy efficiency and productivity such as

  1. Roof insulation
  2. Cool roofs
  3. Energy star windows
  4. Weather-stripping

It helps facilitate climate control and protect the indoor environment.


Stop losing money by sealing!

Weather-stripping is a very simple and relatively low-cost way to improve the energy efficiency of a building by reducing air leaks through doors and operable windows by sealing the movable connections when the door or window is closed, It helps to keep interior air in, thus saving energy on heating and air conditioning.

Estimates show that air leaks due to improperly sealed and weatherized building account for 30-40% of a building’s overall heating and cooling loss.


  1. Eliminate air drafts, water leaks, and mildew build-up
  2. Keep the bugs, insects and ants out
  3. Improve indoor air quality
  4. Reduce allergens like dust, pollen, and mould from coming in
  5. Better heating, cooling, and humidity control